What makes me tick.

  Dublin, Ireland 

Day dreamer, Cheese eater,  Shoe lover.

I love a lot of things: my family and friends, my cats, cheese, south of France, to read a great thriller in bed, watch an awesome blockbuster movie in good company, our beautiful planet, animals (I’ll save bugs from drowning in a swimming pool), closing my eyes and have the sun warm my face and last but not least photography.

What I love about photography is that it’s a capture of a time and place exactly as it was; a glimpse into the past; a recollection of an emotion. It’s something to retell the story for someone who might not have been there or something to reignite a feeling for someone who was. And that’s what’s so powerful with photography, that it transcends time and space. Personally, I started to photograph to remember.

I used to peek into my parents’ old photo albums, admiring my younger mom and dad and how they dressed; getting a sense of who they were before they were my parents and before they even met. And this is who I’m shooting for: the future you, your kids and grand kids, so that you can relive or share your story.

In my portfolio, you’ll hopefully get a good sense of the kind of photos I like to capture. If you like my vision and you’re looking for someone to capture photos of you or your family or a special event in your life, please feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.